A range of workshops of varying lengths from half-day to two days. Other topics are available and the content of each workshop can be adapted to suit the needs of the organisation. Workshops are delivered by experienced trainers who specialise in Health, Work and Wellbeing.

 All workshops are informative and interactive, they provide a confidential and impartial space to develop problem solving skills and in-depth knowledge for real-life situations.

Mental Health Awareness 

Aimed at raising awareness of mental health conditions and the impact they have on an individual’s daily living and ability to work. Exploring the relationship between mental health and wellbeing and identifying positive coping strategies that can be put in place to help improve self-management.

Navigating Change and Uncertainty in the Workplace 

Aimed at individuals who require practical support to help them move forward in times of uncertainty. This is particularly useful for those who are returning to work or who have experienced burnout or for anyone who is struggling with the changes that have arisen from the pandemic.

Understanding Stress and Building Resilience 

Aimed at individuals who may be experiencing varying levels of stress at work or at home and who need practical techniques to help them to identify and manage the symptoms they may be experiencing.

Work Life Balance 

Aimed at assisting individuals to identify strategies and practices they can adopt at work and at home enabling them to implement a healthy work life balance. Includes information around time management and relaxation techniques.

Self Esteem and Personal Development 

Aimed at those who would like to improve their levels of self esteem or confidence, who find it difficult to deal with set backs, struggle with low mood, and those looking to develop a better understanding of, and sense of self.

Achieving Better Sleep 

Aimed at individuals wanting to learn more about why we need sleep, how poor sleep is affecting your general health and wellbeing and how some simple strategies can help you get a more restful and relaxing nights sleep, leaving you feeling healthier, happier and more able to tackle the day ahead.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention 

Aimed at improving awareness around issues related to suicide and how to talk about them, understanding more about typical signs and symptoms and reducing stigma

For further information on any of these programmes, please contact us at: [email protected] 

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