When employees are struggling to manage their health and wellbeing, it can be difficult for them to remain in work or envisage a return to work. Our Employee one-to-one Support service offers a two step approach where you can choose to take either step one alone or step one and two

Step one:

Employees undertake a confidential and impartial holistic assessment which focuses on identifying their health-related barriers to work as well as any other barriers which may be keeping them away or preventing them from staying at work. Following the assessment, we will work with the individual to develop a collaborative action plan with recommendations on how they can overcome their barriers and successfully return to work

Step two:

 Counselling and Therapy

Employees can access up to 6 sessions of counselling with a trained therapist who will provide them with the most appropriate tools and resources to meet their individual needs. The therapist will help individuals to gain a better understanding of their feelings and thought processes and to help them find their own solutions by working with them to develop support plans. The support plans are designed to help individuals reflect, recognize and develop ideas and strategies to maintain their mental health and wellbeing and continue to support them once the counselling is over.

For further information about our One-to-one Employee Support programme, please contact us at: 
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